Overcoming Obstacles (article from OurRISD)

RISD students find some unusual ways to offset the intensity of studio work. Cyclo-cross enthusiasts David Kessler 18 ID, Lizzie Wright 18 ID and Marcus Peabody MFA 19 GD, for example, devoted most weekends last fall to racing through sand and mud and jumping off their bikes when the going got too steep or they needed to “bunny-hop” over obstacles. 

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Alec Babala
The Two-and-a-Quarter Rule

I was having lunch with a friend yesterday and the conversation inevitably led to cycling.   Many things came out of this chat but one profound thing that stood out is the two and a quarter rule (2¼ rule).

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TipsAlec Babala
Season Opener

his year’s ECCC race season was kicked off in Nyack, New York this past weekend at the Columbia Rockland Lake Circuit Race. All was well and good on Friday evening when seven of us piled into the van and made it to our swanky destination (a Best Western complete with world renowned cheesecake and cheeseburgers, not to mention a disco dance party), but come Saturday morning, things were starting to look a little rough.

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Rides&RacesAlec Babala
Old School Cyclocross

“This is old school cyclocross” we were told when we lined up for the Hannover race. “Old school” turned out to involve a sand pit, tree roots, and a steep rutted descent into a covered picnic area. For me it also involved cramping and falling off. Over and over again. The Hannover race was hard, and it beat me up.

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Rides&RacesAlec Babalacx, eccc