I busted my shoulder up, torn AC ligament, sling, vicoden, the works. This sucks. However it gives me time on the web to construct RISD Cyling Team's blog/website. This is the first post and there's not much news besides a lot of interest in racing this spring on the road from so many. Later today I will unveil the design for our team kits that we will be ordering, can't wait!

As for the general public, look here often in the spring for photos, announcements of crushing of races, and open group rides. For the team, this is the place where we can all post interesting shit about riding bikes, and is also a useful place for us to announce things like the kits, ordering info, training info, etc.

If you want access to the blog to post content, just lemme know in an email and you just have to have a blogger account. Stoked!