oh man, we are gonna stun.

Revitalizing the pink of the 2004-07 T-Mobile cycling team, RISD Cycling's team kit for 2011 is at once modestly styled and absolutely radical. I present to you the 2010-11 kit designed by myself and Curtis:

We spent a good amount of time finessing the asymmetry of the shorts and dialing in just how large the risd logo should be, and I must say the results are dope. Although, the doping history of T-Mobile perhaps is not the best reference to be associated with, it is with classic risd irony that we don the pink. As a personal note (in defense of this decision), my brother races for a beloved Portland shop in this beaut:

(you should see the long sleeve...allll pink). Furthermore, think how happy people will be when they mistake our kits for breast cancer awareness jerseys. On that note, current women's cyclocross dominator Meredith Miller rocks a pink kit for exactly that reason:

While I understand some might find it loud, the primary reason for the wild color is to facilitate spotting each other as the pack rolls by. Also, it will be a humiliating reminder for all others that we can race well and not take ourselves too seriously. T-mobile did it with style and so will we:

Besides, it could have been a lot worse:

We will be trying on samples for size and placing orders very soon, like in the next 2 weeks so stay tuned. here are the tentative designs:

So stoked!