Handlin' Steez

Yeah today was hilarious, no one denies that, but kind of helped, right??

It was my first clinic/team leadership-moment of any kind, the first team meeting on bikes of any kind, and it snowed 4 inches that morning.... a recipe for awesome. (see 21st ave bikes vimeo account...)

We did moving bottle pick-ups, bumping at speed, look back exercises, "slowest person wins-race" and tried a grass crit. Of course for the crit, with the snow, this meant only Moose, with his 32c tires was going anywhere. Lukas spent the entire "crit" just trying to get crud off his cleats, Akeem fell over enough he started calling the "primes" and Oliver, well, actually went pretty fast around the icy/slushy mud track.

During the bottle pick up actually I think everyone found that challenging, especially when they got knocked over, and the bumping was fun, but the slow-race was where we learned George D. can actually bunny hop backwards...on a road bike...and he's a registered mechanic. Turns out he's MTB "quite a lot, actually" so we can give ourselves a break. But the reason George had to bust out the reverse bunny hop? Akeem, one of our newest racers was giving him insane run for his money, almost not moving at all during the slow race!

All in all so much fun on a cold day, thanks for everyone coming out and I hope it didn't feel like too much of a waste of time. Rutgers is in 5 days, no matter what RISD is going to be the smoothest, most well handling team out there.