Grant's Tomb Race Report

Photos will follow later but I just wanted to quickly write that RISD Cycling Team represented well and improved on last weekend's crucial first races. Lessons learned last week were applied to the furiously aggressive criterium around Ulysses S. Grant's resting place and memorial. We are still receiving compliments on our gloriously sexy team kits and the ECCC has still not kicked us out for obscene ball-grab gestures and attention-grabbing sideline shenanigans. It was a good 2nd weekend.

Oliver Henderson stands out as Most Improved from last week, taking 17th overall in the Men's D crit but putting in a solid effort early in the sprint, at one point he was 4th wheel. Unfortunately his sprint still needs to be dialed in as it wasn't quite long enough to remain in the top 5. Kudos to Oliver for staying in the front group the whole race, no simple feat considering the 15mph winds and difficult uphill finish.

First-timer George Coffin has whet his racing appetite after a solid 21st overall placing earned by an admiral 'off-the-back' effort with a racer from Shippensburg University. He truly filled out the RISD kit well, complete with black-rimmed glasses and unique facial hair designs. We look forward to heckling him a lot this coming season and his efforts this weekend merit him the coveted Rookie award.

George Dyment persevered through a blisteringly fast-paced Men's C field race. Although it's always frustrating to be pulled from a race, I must give him credit for sticking in as long as he did and still coming up to me after to tell me how much fun he had. The C field seriously looked like a bunch of sandbagging should-be B racers trying to prove something in the huge combined DI+DII field. His can-do attitude and flowing locks earn him this weeks Ms. Congeniality award.

Luckily I have excuses for my 15th place finish in the Men's A race which is the effort from my earlier cat3 open race (2nd place, booyah!). However, I'm glad to report our teammates (in spirit, geographical location and transportation) from Brown scored a 5th place finish by Greg Alexander. Watch out for that dude. On a side note I also won a prime lap during the A race, which is like, meaningless points toward a jersey I will never wear but kind of cool nonetheless. I actually got kind of cocky on another prime lap and as I was sprinting head-down, nearly ran off-course into a curb, recovered from eating it but lost the prime. Sorry for disgracing the jersey in front of the large crowds, however for my stupidly blind efforts during the race I award myself the Motorhead award. Something like in between kind of a badass rocker but mostly uneducated and idiotic.

Next weekend is Philly. I have no idea if anyone beside myself is going but regardless, rest-up everyone and keep riding your g.d. bike!