Philly was a really fun time, great races, it's actually a really cool city and they had so much free snacks! i have like 40 cliff bars now, enough to last until summer, i feel like. I recommend it highly to anyone racing next year.
(marshaling during the crits)

Beautiful 70 degree weather, scenery on the water, and well-planned races equals super fast racers all coming to assert their dominance, including the pro-princeton duo, F+M's insane train (winners of the TTT, by a lot...), and UPenn's massive amount of A racers. I was looking forward to a strong pack finish.

But Lo and behold, I got 2nd place in the Men's A crit on sunday(!) I'm super stoked about that as I was in a breakaway for like a million laps with some guy from Villanova and, more importantly, last year's overall winner, Max Korus whos like this semi-pro killer machine on a bike and, yeah, I was like a wheel away from winning which would have been amazing but, baby steps, right? Just stoked to have gotten into a break with such an admirable racer.

I am also proud to announce that Brown notched it's first win in the Men's D crit by Moose, the big guy some of you might have met at grant's tomb or the skills clinic. Supposedly he just took off around the last corner and was untouchable.
(it would be these two unlikely bedfellows who would bring home to providence the best results of the weekend)

The bad news is the race on saturday was unbearably windy and the field split wide open on the first lap, we chased it down but I could only get a 10th place after all the work. Super excited for the next two weeks until BOSTON!!!! train/party hard but get ready for total art school domination.

Speaking of which i came across a gorgeous article on Embrocation's online journal here and it is a must read. He is an artist, AND a cyclist and he touches on some nice ideas about racing and making things. Thanks for reading!