ah gawd I'm just so damn proud.

We did it, as in, we raced, avoided crashes and mechanicals, stretched the limits of pain tolerances and established RISD Cycling Team as the most fashionable and hilarious racing team in the ECCC.
Jokes were played, fun was had...
Stamina was tested, limits were pushed...
at the end of the day, oliver's weird sock/bootie shoe covers said it best.
Our team ethos has been established, support one another and we will rock it out. After driving down to NJ to stay at our excellent host, Molly Hurford's, apartment, we left for the Time Trial course at 5 am. Lukas, Akeem, Oliver and Yi Boe went off around 7:30 am on the 2.2 mi course and finished hard. Unfortunately I missed the photo opportunity but from what I hear Oliver froze to death and Akeem stood up the whole time, which is incredible and also not what you're supposed to do.
RISD's D racers smirk at UNH's obvious lack of cycling steez. Submit yourself to RISD's TT steez judge panel!
Yi-Boe spent the weekend making me look way cooler than I actually am, taking 8th in the TT for RISD's first ECCC points of the season!
George D. killin' it, no gloves like a pro, in the early morning fog
As Oliver, Yi Boe, Lukas and Akeem warmed up for the Crit we went over any last details and prepared for the first mass-start race of their lives!!
George D stuck with the pack as long as possible, actually leading the race for a lap before putting in a solid effort off the back
Lukas and Yi Boe stuck together for most of the rest, eventually picking up Oliver and creating an epic'ly vibrant pink 3-man RISD echelon for the final laps
Oliver hanging on for dear life, he started incredibly well racing 4 laps in the front group
It was during the crit that Akeem learned the virtues of STAYING ON A WHEEL!! another solo effort from Akeem that was impressive to watch
basically Oliver is just too steezed for his own good, is it the stache, the matching pink hat? wearing a Swatch watch during a bike race? we might never know but I cannot stop taking pictures of him.
I'm pretty sure at this point the guys were hangin, groovin, since we had to wait like 4 hours until my race...
which Oliver and Yi Boe made look so fucking cool!
I hung in for a while, as there were not one, but two Professional racers in the field.
...evidence of Brown and RISD's mutual relationship and steez status, (check out my flower-power arm warmers)
This was the point where I got 8th place in the Crit and solidified RISD's presence. On a side note, the bike I am riding in that photo is a SRAM neutral support bike. After the first lap my chain/derailleur/wheel and frame tried to murder me for no apparent reason. I ran back to the pit, took a free lap and an S-works machine, and got back in the race. Anybody out there on the internet have a frame lying around they don't need?? 56cm hello?

Day 2 and videos coming soon!