Day 1 of Beanpot 2.0 race weekend saw the Men's D OG crew smash it in the Team Time Trial along South St. reservoir in Westminster MA.

Several timing errors throughout the day had us confused about placings but I am proud to say the guys finished just outside the points with a solid 5th place. Most importantly they passed another team on their 14 mi sojourn through the rolling hills of Westminster--no easy feat considering the 30 second gaps between each team. Beyond the fact that they gamely plopped themselves into a race they had no experience in whatsoever, they accomplished something very unique in the sporting world. As George Coffin's mother, Margaret, put it; "risd beat west point, oh my god!" Yes, an art school crushed a federal-funded, grunt-breeding millitary academy in a physical competition. Take that obama. (ie: more federal arts funding!)

Though I still can't believe that without any training or practice they pulled off a flawless TTT and didn't drop anyone, the bigger surprise was their individual performances throughout the rest of the day. George Coffin barely outdid Oliver by 5 seconds to take 12th! Oliver likes to claim that this is due to the fact that he "crashed into a snowbank" but we all know George dominated the ITT, apparently passing three other riders over the 6.2 mi course. Another 1-2 punch from Lukas Bentel and Yi-Boe Huynh around the 20:00 min mark saw Lukas claiming 19th place and Yi-Boe 20th. Awesome to see the RISD boys in the top 50% of the race. Though Yi-Boe was frusterated with his result, we have yet to see his true potential as a climbing ace. The purportedly 120lb racer was counting on the Road Race to get his result and is looking forward to Yale. Where he will crush it.

I faired decently in the A ITT coming in at 9th place. I have to say the spread between 15th and 4th was only 10 sec. It's frusterating to know that only 3 seconds means the difference between a good result, and a great result but I still had a good time digging around the course and definitely needed the points. On a side note, I competed with two badass dudes from Drexel, Brett Houser and Bryan Carbone in the TTT. We were just trying to have some fun, but they scored us in the A's = last place. Seriously though, watch out for Bryan that dude busted some major pulls and I was seriously impressed. He says they didn't approve his upgrade to B's but I have a feeling he's lookin for the win.

Any day of timetrialling not followed by a case of High Life, is a day of no reward. We headed back to George's house in Bolten and crushed out some brews while exhausted and splayed on couches and lay-z-boys. After some cable tv and movies on demand, we fell asleep, looking forward to Sunday's Criterium.