taking 5th last sunday... oliver and geo in the background
This weekend is the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference Championships at Penn State university.  I currently sit in 3rd place overall (fucking awesome), with 100 pts between the leader's jersey and me. PSU is going to be double points.  This means where the winner of a race usually earns 80 pts, this weekend they will earn 160. You would think this would make me really happy, more chances to take the overall, right? noooo waaay... Team's will be way more competitive for points, and the ten guys right below me who are all within 100 pts of my standings have twice as likely chance of upending my spot.  Chances are the heavy hitters are coming out this weekend, and the major players of this past season will be going full blast to gather points.

Think about it, certain racers we've seen win races on god-like solo breaks could show up at PSU 200 points down the list and walk away with the overall... pressure homie, pressure.

Thus, I want to say right now, (so it's on the record) that it has been an incredible season for me, only my second year racing and I was at one point (right now) ranked third. Especially cool because I missed two races and have no teammates (besides Eddie and Greg from Brown who rule). When I come back from this weekend fallen off the top of the overall don't forget where we once were! 

Wish Yi-Boe and I luck this weekend as we compete for glory and try to remind these punks that art students are schooling varsity programs from all over new england.