Basically, RISD kicked it.

This weekend was a definite turning point for the team and Sunday's Tufts Campus Criterium was the proving ground for our new found confidence as bike racers. With a broad range of experiences and successes, I offer my humble report:

The men's D field witnessed the a shattering of untold proportions. The following video was the last time the field stayed together:

It was midway through the race that three individual riders were off the front, each battling the destructive headwind on their own, with, what?! who!? Our very own Oliver Henderson leading the charge each lap to bring them back! He sat in 4th place pulling an uncooperative chase group for so long he even earned his first prime point. His decision to attack on the downhill however took him red-hot into deadly turn 2 and he crashed out of the race with 3 to go. Luckily unscathed, we can all tell he is hungry for next time.

George Coffin rode a smart race coming in at 18th place. After the feild split during the incredibly technical course, it was Coffin and only one other racer who bridged up to the main pack. Notable was his fashion choice of high, white socks. George, when are you going to unleash the boys on everyone?

Lukas Bentel went hard for 29th and narrowly missed defeating one of our archnemeses, Skidmore. Bentel has shown tons of improvement considering he has only competed once before this crit and with talk of a new wheelset and a revived determination look for big things coming from Lukas.

In the Men's B race we had the debut of Curtis Singmaster. This dude has basically the most gorgeous fast bike in the whole world, you gotta see it to believe it. But I diverge. After a silver medal in a local crit on saturday from a solo break, Singmaster was determined to bridge the early split his field encountered. With no cooperation whatsoever, Curtis was alone in no-man's land for countless laps. Though he tried to earn the last remaining point, his efforts were in vain as the bunch picked him up with two to go. His panache was admirable and earned shout-outs each lap over the PA and cheers from the crowd. He is one of those dudes who just shows up after a few trainer rides all winter and throws down in a race; we are really hoping his wife lets him race again later this season as we have yet to see his full potential.

In the Men's A race I was thirsty for a good result, and after seeing the demolition of the previous fields, knew the only place to be was the front. On only the second lap, Matt Buckley (UVM) attacked and I went with him. We opened a slight 20 sec gap and were joined by Charlie Zamastil (Temple) and Ross Marklein (UPenn). Lap after lap we somehow opened the gap to 1:00, then 1:05 and it just kept getting bigger. I heard UVM was blocking like crazy, and as 6 and 5 laps to go we started seeing the back of the field as we came around turn 6. Marklein jumped me after I pulled off the echelon and I was lucky enough to catch back to him around 5 to go, we lost the other two, and joined the field with 3 to go. Yes, we LAPPED THE FIELD! BOOYAH BABY. I knew Ross still had some gas as his time trial the day before was superior so I went with every move in the final laps. As the sprint came around I was still 5th wheel and after taking a look around and realizing the inevitable had happened, I threw my hands up.


ed. note: all images courtesy Robert Winnet from BU, and the finishing photo from velocityresults.com. Also please excuse my lame cheers during the videos