Some News..

Ian Sullivan (you might hear him announcing or coaching intro at the races) wrote up a lengthy recap of the A race from a spectator's point of view.  Read it here.

On a slightly different note, I am stoked to announce that I have just received word that I will be sponsored by the RISD Alumni department and the RISD Office of Student Life for a fully supported trip to Collegiate Road Nationals in Madison WI, the weekend of May 6th.  The Alumni group has pledged a substantial amount of funding that will help with airfare, and OSL is making up the crucial remainder to  help me get my bike out there and pay for the registration fees.  OSL has supported our fledgling team throughout this whole season and their support has been incomparable.  Having the RISD Alumni group jump on board to send me out to Madison is icing on the cake of an already beautifully executed season and I fully intend to wear the RISD Pink proudly and boldly.  

I will be wearing a special patch at Nationals signifying the support from the Alumni group I am receiving, but there will be details on that later as the time comes.  For now, look forward to Yale weekend as we send a core group of D racers to make their mark on the mountain.So far it's George Dyment and Yi-Boe Huynh on the list and we wish them speed, luck and grace in the upcoming Lux Et Velocitas.

Go RISD Cycling, Go.