ohhh Boy...

After scouring deeper and deeper, I came upon some photos of me at nationals. Yes, look closely towards the back of the group in these photos, and you will see me, head down, looking at the ground, praying for the end of the race. These photos were taken at the end of the road race on the nasty finishing climb. I hope you enjoy watching me suffer....
head down in the cave...
since you can't see my face, imagine the dude 3 back's expression, only worse..
a close up to drive it home
I'm seriously wondering how I didn't crash into someone, was I ever looking up??
As if that weren't enough, I also found 3 videos on youtube of the racing. The two from the crit are kind of hard to see, try fullscreen, and the road race start has a nice big shot of me heading to my doom:

you can see me barely in the above video off to the left coming in at 11th place

go RISD.