Rutgers Season Opener Recap!!

First off I'd like to apologize for not posting anything earlier this year, but we just got back from our first race weekend in New Jersey. It proved to be an interesting weekend with lots of laughs, some important lessons learned and one very unfortunate mishap. One of our Mens D riders, Patrick O'Sullivan, was involve in a crash (not his fault) at the finish of the Circuit race on Saturday and unfortunately broke his collar bone. We picked him up from Somerset Medical and headed straight to Olive Garden for some comfort. Patrick is an experienced rider, our hearts go out to him for a quick recovery and he has promised to travel with the team.

This is officially our second year in the ECCC and we are so stoked to have two new girls on the team, Sarah Pease and Marianna Williams, as well as a bunch of new D riders who are itching to cat up. We also are excited to have, Dan Birman this year who will be racing with the A's. He's an extremely accomplished track racer, coming off the Olympic training program to go to RISD. This weekend we also learned that one of our D riders, Colin Westiende, used to ride professional slope-style for Scott Bikes and this is him doing a no-hand-no-feet quadruple backflip to nose manual, his signature trick.

From PinkBike
He was able to put those skillz to use this weekend during the Circuit race when he bunny hoped over a down rider to avoid the crash that took out Patrick, and ended up in 9th, clinching RISD's first point. As for me, I dropped out of the circuit race after the first lap with a gnarly calf cramp. Although as disappointing as it was for me, I was able to watch Sarah and Marianna as they tore down the course.

Patrick, Sarah, George and Marianna left Saturday night back to Providence which left Dan, Collin and I to do the Crit on Sunday. We woke up early Sunday morning to drive to the course, the same as last year's points race, which features a grueling climb for such a short course.

Photo by Tom Nguyen

Colin and I started off strong but faded about halfway through, which left us to take 15th and 17th respectively.

Photo By Tom Nguyen
Photo by Tom Nguyen

Fun little 5 person sprint for 17th with fellow Brown rider, Sandy Student. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a camera so I could only find photo's of myself for some reason.

After killing some time in our whip, the A racers took off for an hour long race with Dan at a blistering fast pace (their first lap was the fastest of the day). Dan started off well sitting in the pack with his motto, "Hide with Pride," but the hill ended up getting the best of him, we'll see how he adjusts from flat 10 second races on the track to some lengthy Crits and RRs over the coming weeks. Hopefully we'll be able to witness his power destroying some field sprints.

Overall it was fun weekend and I'm really excited for this season despite losing Patrick , I think we all realized that we need to get out and ride more so we can really show off our pink. Speaking of, our freshly redesigned kits should be here in the next couple days.

Lastly, we'd also like to thank George Gahnim for putting together a wicked rad weekend and especially his family for being an amazing host, that shower is incredible, we would love to stay with you for the Princeton Race. We are super stoked for Grants Tomb and Stevens this weekend, especially because we are staying with last year's captain, wicked fast A racer, ECCC's love affair, and our dear friend Evan Murphy.

Rubber side down,