Bard Crit & Training Camp Day 1

We packed up the van with a lot of stuff because after the Bard race, we were heading to our spring break training camp in New Paltz, NY.

It was a really nice sunny day, not many racers, maybe because no one wanted to travel very far for a one day race.

After watching Sandy and Tom in the D’s, we could see the course was going to strain the field out on the hill, and people would have to work hard to catch the front of the pack. Jules and I warmed up while they were racing, got ready at staging, sandwiching KMS in the start. He freaked out because his tire flopped up to the side of his rim and needed a quick wheel change before the start.

We started the race, first part was up a hill, no one wanted to attack, pretty easy until the first prime, where a RPI rider charged off the front with the help from his 7 teammates. Jules and I tried to close the gap and ended up with some prime points (3rd/4th).  The RPI guy got off to far so we just rejoined the pack and sat in, playing it smart trying to save our legs. The RPI guys where doing some major blocking in the pack, helping their breakaway teammate, so we tried taking turns pulling, but we quickly realized it wouldn’t lead anywhere.

Before the race, Jules and I decided that we should attack after the 3rd prime, so after the prime, I tried to go but no one followed since we still had 3 laps to go, so I just drifted back in the pack and sat in for the next 2 laps.

With the bell lap, Jules and I decided to breakaway, this is where it got exciting, right after the bell we jumped off the pack with a nice little gap before the descent, I pulled from the start line until the end of the descent, where Jules pulled away, and I decided to drop and try and block the pack. Jules was clear until the top of the hill and was about 15 meters from the line when the pack caught him. So close, all out effort until the end, a little disappointing we couldn’t secure the 2nd place, but we were pretty satisfied with 7th and 9th and to see that we had the form to finally start trying some tactics, and feeling comfortable controlling the race.


33 starters / 13.3 miles / Winner’s time 34:00

7th / Jules / 35:04 (6 points+1prime point)

9th / Lukas / 35:04 (4points+ 2prime points)

With Jane missing, this shook things up quite a bit in the RISD team points competition 

Jules - 16 points

Jane - 10 points

Lukas - 6 points

After watching Frances (2nd in B’s) and Pengs (21st in A’s) race, we rode to our basecamp (30miles from Bard) to settle in for our upcoming training days.

The roads are crazy nice with some nice climbs and really fun dirt roads.

Kyle joined our group (Sandy, Tom, Peng, Frances, Jules and I) and we where all pretty stoked to get away from Providence for a couple days and explore the roads in New Paltz.

Our first training ride on Monday was 55 miles with two major climbs (4-5000ft), it was cold but we had the GoPro which made it pretty fun. The second climb was much steeper with some tricky gravel roads where we were able to test out our climbing legs. We also randomly rode by a very intense looking prison.

We got back home, ate continuously for about 3hours, drank and listened to Pitbull.

- Lukas Bentel