Grant's Tomb - A One Day Classic

A solid day of racing for the RISD team on a beautiful day in New York.

The Grant’s Tomb Crit is put on by Columbia and they apparently worked pretty hard the day and night before to set up and clean up the snow from the course. The course itself was a nice L shape with 4 left hand corners and a nice sweeping turn at the top to put you back on the finishing straight. There was a little kicker of a hill between turn 3 and turn 4 and a false flat up the finishing straight.
On to the races.

Saturday - Sunny and in the high 40’s low 50’s
We got to stay with Evan Murphy who started the team a few years ago. He raced in the Men’s Pro/½ and came in 12th. He had a teammate up the road in a chase group and was playing the good teammate role of just sitting in the bunch and watching what was going on. He got third in the field sprint to finish out his day.
65 Starters / 25.2 miles
12 - Evan - 1:10
For us collegiate racers we had 5 racers in the Men’s D2, 2 in the Men C, and 1 in the Women’s C. Brown had 2 in the Men’s D2, 1 in the Men’s C, 1 in the Women’s C, 1 in the Women’s B, and 1 in the Men’s A.
The Men’s D2 race started off well for all of us but eventually we all fell off the front. I sat for a few laps between the main group and a group off the back that eventually caught me because the guy I was with didn’t really want to work. The group that had Alex, Erik and Tom (Brown rider) in eventually caught me and we rode together until we were pulled about a lap later. Personally I thought getting pulled made no sense because we weren’t lapped and there were only one or two laps to go but oh well. A congratulations goes out to Nikolas and Alex for finishing their first race for RISD!
27 Starters / 9.9 miles
15 - Erik - P&P (Pulled and Placed)
17 - Alex - P&P
21 - Michael - P&P
24 - Alec - P&P
25 - Nikolas - P&P
The Men’s C field raced as one big field instead of two smaller fields like last week, so there were 71 starters in this race. Lukas did well for most of the race but eventually fell off the front group. Jules stayed with the front group until the end, keeping himself well position through the entire race, and his group lost four seconds to a Princeton rider who made his winning move a few laps before the finish. He just needs to work on that final sprint and a win in this race will soon be ours. He also finished one spot outside the points.

UPDATE! Jules also got 3rd in the final prime lap to add two points to his total, sorry I missed it yesterday.
71 Starters / 13.5 miles
13 - Jules - 0:04 (2 points)
47 - Lukas - P&P
Jane had a great race in the Women’s C race and just like Jules needs to work on that final sprint and we will have a win in this race soon too. Jane was in the top 10 the entire race and in the top 5 for most of it helping chase down a few attempted breaks here and there. She also got 3rd in the 2nd prime lap giving her a few more points on the day. An MIT rider took the win with a sprint that put a four second gap on the front group.
32 Starters / 12.6 miles
7 - Jane - 0:04 - 6 points (2 for the prime)
We still haven’t made it into the official team standings but here are the points standings for the team so far, Jane is pulling away.
RISD team point total - 13
Jane - 10 points
Jules - 3 points
Next weekend we head to Philadelphia for the Philly Phlyer which is a 14 mile ITT or TTT, 6.5 mile circuit race (3 laps for Men’s D, and Women’s C, 4 Laps for Men’s C) and a classic four corner crit on Sunday. Here is the flyer if you are going to be around
I’ll try and post some photos as we find them tomorrow or the next day.
Alec Babalareports