MIT XPot - Day 1 - The Asterisk Race

Today was probably the best day of racing for the team that we have had so far. We got points in the Men’s D ITT and Crit and got points in the Men’s C crit. Jane had a mechanical issue in the Women’s C but I’ll get into that later.

Saturday - Sunny and in the 50’s. An awesome day for a race.

A few of us (Alec, Lukas, Karan, and I) did the morning hill climb ITT before the crit. It was Karan’s first race for RISD and there is no better way to start racing than 5 miles and 900 feet of climbing. The race went uneventfully for everyone except me. I cleaned my bike last night and wiped down the tires and noticed by back tire was in pretty bad shape but couldn’t get to a shop in time to get new ones so I road with the hope that nothing would happen. Well about a mile and a half from the finish my back tire went flat and I cruised to the finish and promptly went and bought new tires. Alec got points in this race and became the first D rider to get on the RISD points board this season.

23 Starters/5 miles/Winner’s time - 18:31.26
9 - Alec - 22:36.16 (1 Point)
11 - Michael - 23:51.84
16 - Karan - 25:39.07

73 Starters/5 miles/Winner’s time - 18:09.95
18 - Lukas - 19:42.95

The Men’s D2 crit was the best crit we have raced in all year because we finally got some points in it! Alec came in 8th to get 2 points in the race and make his total on the day 3 points. But I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. The course basically is a two hairpin corner crit with a big kicker at the finish line and no real flat part in-between. We rolled out and got to the hill the first time and I attacked on it, thinking maybe I could hold out and get the first prime (I wasn’t so lucky). But I jumped away and Alec jumped on my wheel and we crossed the line in first and second. He fell off slightly on the down hill and I fell into second on the next lap and crossed the line somewhere around 6th for the prime lap which was the third lap. Alec on the other hand paced himself well and got 8th (I’ll consider it a team 8th since I set it up from the beginning…). Karan was welcomed to his first crit by having his wheels slide out from him on turn two at some point in the race and has the hole in his bibs and a cut on his arm to prove it.

27 Starters/8 miles/Winner’s time - 22:15
8 - Alec - P&P (2 points)
13 - Michael - P&P
21 - Karan - P&P

The Men’s C race was a huge combined field is where the asterisk comes into play. With two laps left, Lukas and Jules feeling great and in really good position and the field semi together on the hill, the race was stopped at the finish line. Someone had crashed in turn 1 and an ambulance was being called so they didn’t want to put the racers, the injured racer, or the EMT’s in danger so they stopped the race. After a little discussion the officials decided to ride one more lap to end the race. That basically made it a final sprint that lasted a whole lap, not the best situation but Lukas and Jules made the best of it and sprinted it out for some solid placings. Jules also got 2nd in the first prime to add a little more to his points total. Once again I think if Jules and Lukas worked on their sprints they could be racking in the points.

86 Starters/12 miles/Winner’s time - 46:29
11 - Jules - 46:33 (2 Points + 3 for the Prime)
14 - Lukas - 46:34

Jane finished out our day in the Women’s C. She was well positioned for the laps she was with the front but a dropped chain on the hill and a little bit of effort to put it back on made the front group ride away without her. All we need to do is make sure she stays on the bike with no issues and she will also be getting points left and right.

33 Starters/11 miles/Winner’s time - 31:49
18 - Jane - P&P

Jules seems to be pulling away in the RISD team points competition but with a couple of full weekends of racing still to come it is anyones game. The team omnium points aren’t updated yet but hopefully we will grab some of those too.

RISD Team Points Total - 38 
Jules - 19 points
Jane - 10 points
Lukas - 6 points
Alec - 3 points

Check back tomorrow for the recap of the Road Race, which should be a blast!

Also I have to that RISD cycling’s own Evan Murphy raced in the Red Hook Crit and finished 2nd! Not a bad day for RISD riders across the northeast.

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