MIT XPot - Day 2 - Points on Points on Points

Another great day of racing for the RISD team but this time Jules had the mechanical issue. It seems like something always has to happen to someone.

Sunday - Mid 50’s and sunny for a moment then cloudy

The course for the road race was an 11 mile loop with rolling hills and a pretty steep 1k climb to the finish of each lap. Each race started with a mile and a half neutral start before we got onto the course.

The Men’s D race rolled out about an hour late but that just let the temperature warm up and made for some nice weather. It was just Alec and me in this race and as soon as the neutral start ended and we made the first turn on the course the field split apart. There was a little hill and apparently no one really knew it was coming or something but Alec was with the front group and I was chasing from the start. Eventually Alec fell back and joined our group of three and we chased as a group all the way to the hill. When we got to the hill Alec jumped away and bridged for a moment with one of the MIT guys that was in our group. That group rode away and we picked Alec back up a little way down the road. Alec still felt good so he tucked in behind me and I road almost the whole lap in the front setting him up for the hill on the final lap. When we got to the hill it was an MIT rider, a Brown rider (Stan), Alec, and me racing for 6th. Alec exploded up the hill and got an immediate gap on the MIT rider and Stan and held it all the way to the finish. I took it easy up the hill and finished in 9th.

On a side note the guy who won our race finished 5 minutes ahead of anyone else and was on pace with the racers in the C field, although they did one more lap.

20 Starters/22 miles/Winner’s time - 58:20 (Second place - 1:03:15)
6 - Alec - 1:04:15 (4 points)
9 - Michael - 1:05:39 (1 points)

The Men’s C race started out on a sad note. Some of us where hanging out in the cars changing after the race and eating the food Jane’s parents brought us and I saw Jules carrying his bike back. Right after the neutral start somehow his derailleur hanger broke and threw his rear derailleur into his wheel. The end result was a broken hanger and rear derailleur. Lukas on the other hand stayed with the front group the whole race and on the final time up the hill he saw a UVM rider take off. Lukas jumped on his wheel but the UVM rider did not have it in him and they were pulled back in but Lukas stayed at the front up the hill and came in a solid 6th place.

79 Starters/33 miles/Winner’s time - 1:28:41
6 - Lukas - 1:28:49 (9 points)
DNF - Jules - Technically he isn’t on the finish results so he wasn’t even in the race so a DNF isn’t quite right.

Jane once again was the last race of the day and was in a little breakaway  for some of the first lap and most of the second lap but on the hill for the second time she slowly fell back. She rode with two other girls for the last lap trying to catch the front but didn’t quite make it. Hopefully she will get her bike issues all worked out (she rode on a borrowed front wheel and her front derailleur issues are still not worked out) by the next race so she can get some more points and stop letting Jules and Lukas run away in the points race although she did pick up a point in this race.

34 Starters/33 miles/Winner’s time - 1:47:40
12 - Jane - 1:52:53 (1 point)

After Jules mishap, Lukas gained some valuable ground. We also got 6 more points in the team omnium which gives us a total of 14 points. The overall points haven’t been updated yet but last week we sat with 8 points and in 21st place overall in Division 2. I’ll put up another post when the new overall standings get updated.

RISD Team Points Total - 53 

Jules - 19 points
Lukas - 15 points
Jane - 11 points
Alec - 7 points
Michael - 1 point