Rutger's Recap - A Race to Remember

Not to brag but man that is some alliteration in the title for this post.

This past weekend was the season opening race at Rutgers for the ECCC. Friday, eight RISD riders and five Brown riders piled their bikes, gear, and clothes into 2 vans and the trip was underway.

Saturday’s race was a relatively flat .8 mile Crit with no terrible corners and a good race to get the season underway with.

I won’t go into too much detail about each race but just know much fun was had by all.

Saturday - Mostly cloudy, probably around 43, saw a few snowflakes.

Five of us (and two from Brown) started the Men’s D2 race at around 8:35 in a field of 33. The race ended after 9.6 miles of racing with no major issues and Erik in the top 15 and the other 4 of us, let’s just say not in the top 15.

11 - Erik - 0:30
23 - Peter - 1 Lap
24 - Michael - 1 Lap
25 - George - 1 Lap
26 - Alec - 1 Lap

Lukas and Jules started the Men’s C2 race (with one Brown Rider) in a field of 44. The race lasted 12.8 miles and at the finish Jules was in the top 20, Lukas on the other hand cramped up towards the end and pulled out of the race. Jules also got 4th in the first prime sprint and got himself on the points board with 1 point. Not a bad race.

19 - Jules - 0:30 (1 point)
35 - Lukas - Cramped up

The final race with a RISD representative was the Women’s C with Jane lined up at the start with a field of 25. The race ended 11.2 miles later with Jane in the points with a solid 12th on the line. From what I remember it was her first race so not a bad finish.

12 - Jane - 0:35 (1 point)

Sunday - Mostly cloudy, probably around 45, windy

This course was a little different and the race was run as a circuit race instead of a crit so there were no prime laps and the rules were a little different. The course was 0.9 miles and it could basically be broken down into three parts, a third flat, a third climbing, and a third descending. So all the races followed this miserable pattern, hammer it up the hill, hammer it down the hill, hammer it on the flat to the hill and repeat.

The D2 field was the same crew for us but shrunk to a field of 24 and only lasted 9 miles. Once again Erik did really well and finished in the top 15 and the rest of us got lapped but Peter still made it into the top 15. Alec had some shifting issues that wouldn’t let him shift to his small ring on the front which made it pretty fun to climb the hill after a few laps.

11 - Erik - 0:51
14 - Peter - 1 Lap
19 - George - 1 Lap
20 - Michael - 1 Lap
21 - Alec - 2 Laps

Same guys raced the C2 race with a field of 39 and did really well with Lukas bouncing back from the troubles of the day before and finishing in the top 15 and Jules finishing in the top 20. Both of them were in the main group for almost all of the 13.5 miles of racing but on the final 2 laps MIT launched a brutal attack on the hill and Jules faded a little and Lukas faded on the final time up the hill on the next lap. Either way, a great ride by both of them.

15 - Lukas - 0:42
17 - Jules - 1:39

And once again Jane lined up by herself at the start of the Women’s C race in a field of 22 and even with a few mechanical issues (a dropped chain or two which we think we can blame on one of the Brown guys) still finished in the points again and is now the RISD points leader. Not a bad weekend for her. As a side note about this race, the girl that won was from Columbia (who has as a sponsor) and won the race by soloing off the front for the entire race and winning by over a minute on second place. A potential sandbagger if she continues to race in the C’s I’d say.

12 - Jane - 1 Lap (1 point)

Most of the team went home after this race but Lukas and I stayed with the Brown racers to watch their last two riders race, one in the Women’s A/B and one in the Men’s A. In the Men’s A race we got to watch the field be lapped by the eventual winner and a few confusing laps while that happened. A very entertaining race even though it was not even a close finish.

We have no team points in the ECCC standings because of some strange way they score everything but in my running season score this is what I have:

RISD - 3 total team points

Jane - 2 points (Leader)
Jules - 1 point

Overall it was a great first race for everyone I think. No one hit the pavement and I don’t think any work was done for school, which always makes for a good time.

This weekend we head to NYC to race the Grant’s Tomb Crit at Columbia and some of the riders are also staying to race the road race on Sunday in Watchung Reservation, NJ (personally I am just racing Saturday because I have filled my time in New Jersey quota for the year.)

So if you are going to be around NYC on Saturday here is the race schedule. We should have riders in Men’s D2 and C2 and Women’s C so come out and watch!

Alec Babalareports