Shippensburg - A Weekend of Upgrades

We made the long trek down to Amish country for the Shippensburg Scurry.  These races were new to the ECCC calendar.  The climbers amongst us were looking forward to the mass start hill climb and the road race which included a steep climb on a road aptly named horse killer.  

Campus Criterium 

Description: 0.7 mile loop with a sweeping downhill and a short ascent just before the finish line. 

Alex, Erik and Karan started the day for RISD in the D2 crit.  Alex and Erik did a good job of staying in the front of the race.  They worked well together and were in the lead finishing group. Karan unfortunately fell off the back because of bike problems.  After racing the first half of the season in the Cs, Lukas and Jules decided that it was time to make the jump to the Bs.  The crit started off very quickly but seemed manageable.  After a few laps, Lukas dropped off the back.  I think that he psyched himself out.  Jules managed to stay in the mix and came in 11th!  This was extremely impressive for the first race in the Bs.  Seeing how well Jules and Lukas did in their crit, Jane decided to also upgrade!  JK! Lol! Jane missed her C race and asked if she could race in the women’s A/B field.  They said she could race in the B field this weekend but if she managed to get points she would not be allowed to downgrade back to Cs for the rest of the season.  Fortunately, Jane held tough and managed to come in 4th!  I guess that she was meant to race Bs!

Alex  9th-1point

Erik  11th 

Karan 26th 

Jules 11th-7points

Lukas  31st

Jane 4th-24 points

South Mountain Hill Climb

Description: This is a 7 mile hill climb that starts at a local park and finishes at the top of South Mountain in an area known locally as Big Flat. The first 2 miles is a flat kind of prologue to the climb itself.

We were all looking forward to the 7mi mass start hill climb because none of us have ever done a race like this. Jules and Lukas had just come back from a great spring break training camp in New Paltz where they did some major climbing.  Our D team of Alex, Erik and Karan started off the day.  The field stayed together for the majority of the race.  Erik managed to get 2nd in the final bit!!  After the race he declared that he now wanted to move up to the Cs.  Lukas and Jules were the next to go off.  Lukas said that he was feeling really sick after the crit and was contemplating not doing the race but he couldn’t resist a climb like this.  Jules and Lukas hung tough in their second B race and managed to finish mid pack.  Jane once again managed to pull off a top ten in the womens B field.  

Erik 2nd-16 points

Alex 6th- 4 points

Karan 15th 

Lukas 15th-1 point

Jules 22nd

Jane 5th-26 points

Horse Killer Road Race

Description: The course opens with a 2 mile flat prologue to the main race loop. The main race loop is rolling with two significant low-grade climbs and punctuated halfway through by a beast of a climb (Horse Killer Road) that will test the guts of any rider that attempts it. The climb is not very long but is brutally steep. 

Now the race we were all waiting for.  Our D team once again started off the day.  The main pack managed to stay together for the majority of the race.  Erik and Alex finished well in the lead group.  Jules and Lukas were looking forward to their first real road race.  This would be the longest road race that either had done up to this point.  Two riders broke off the front almost immediately.  The main pack decided that we would be able to catch them in the coming laps so they did not chase.  As we approached horse killer road for the first time the pace picked up tremendously.  A group of about 15 broke off the front including Lukas and Jules.  This group was set on bringing back the break away.  The second time up horse killer the group broke in half again dropping Jules.  Lukas made it up to the top of horse killer road but managed to get dropped off the back on the quick decent.  With a monster effort, Jules managed to make it back up to Lukas and a few of the other riders that fell off the back.  Jules and Lukas worked well together and shed everyone off in that group except for one Penn State rider.  These three worked well together until the finish.  They managed to catch a few other riders in the process.  Jane was the last to start the road race.  She hung tough for 6th in the B field but was not able to keep up with the main A/B pack.  

Erik 4th-8 points

Alex 11th 

Karan 24th 

Lukas 12th-5 points

Jules 13th-3 points

Jane 6th-22 points

All in all a great two days of racing for RISD cycling filled with upgrades and good results!